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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  September 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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pit maneuver. one suspect is dead, two others are in custody and detectives are going over the scenes going over the evidence. andrew hasbun joins us live where this came to an end. andrew? >> reporter: this started in avondale with a bank robbery and ended after a long chase here on the i-10 eastbound onramp at baseline road in tempe. tonight, we are learning the identity of the suspect. police confirm he steven del rio. somehow you would be -- you should be looking at a mugshot of his. as soon as therapy able to stop his vehicle on the onramp, seconds later they opened fire. police on the scene well, into the night. investigators combing over the area where a dramatic chase
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gunfire, killing the man that led them on a valley-wide chase. >> it was crazy. it shook me a bit. >> reporter: the chase ended at the i-10 onramp at baseline road but it began here near litchfield and van buren in avondale. police responded to a robbery call and when they arrived the suspect was driving away. during the chase, shots were fired at responding officers. >> reporter: when the pursuit entered phoenix, phoenix p.d. took over. he appeared to stop at a home and throw something out of the window. we spotted police going through the evidence, which included piles of cash. the home belongs to the suspect's sister. >> unfortunately, her brother made a decision today where he made a mistake and the consequences was losing his life. >> reporter: two of the suspects bailed out of the
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deputies but the driver did not give up. >> he was going through an ordeal of his own and i observed him and tried to lead him in the right direction. i don't think he was too much for it. it was, i think some people do change and some don't. >> reporter: police continue to investigate at the spot where it ended. f.b.i. and avond helping to piece together the ayotic scene. the area around baseline road and i-10 is shut down. the offramp and onramp is also closed but it appears police are wrapping up their investigation right now. they have also not told us what caused officers to open fire so quickly or if they found a gun inside the suspect's s.u.v. reporting live in tempe, i'm
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an 18-year-old man in san tan valley is arrested for attempted murder and arson. on saturday, luther cruz tried to burn down his house while three of his family members were inside. the family was able to keep him from lighting a propane tank before sheriff deputies arrived on the scene. a former yoga teacher accused of having relations with under e she let the boys touch her breasts. a grand jury did not indict her and now the trial is taking place in a scottsdale city court. she is facing 18 charges, including inden centuricy. closing arguments are expected tomorrow. hurricane newton hits baja peninsula knocking out power in some places and stranding
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newton had 91 miles an hour winds. dave munsey is tracking newton from the weather center. >> reporter: newton is calming down a little bit. it is down to 75 miles an hour after the 90-mile an hour surge but it is a category one hurricane. take a look at the moisture coming up from newton. it is headed to the east a little bit, that moisture coming up in a northeasterly direction. there is some taking direct aim at the valley. there is newton. 75 miles an hour moving north at 17 miles an hour. as we stat to track newton, we will get a look at what is going on with this category one and it becomes a tropical storm as it enters arizona around 11:00 in the morning. look at the moisture that it is pushing up in front of it. you will see that moisture is headed east and stays a little
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we get a little bit of that moisture up into phoenix but we don't get a great deal of it. you can see here, this storm is over very rapidly here into thursday and friday a little bit. let's take a look at our futurecast. you can see that moisture coming up once again but leaning in an easterly direction as it comes up. once again, you don't see a lot of moisture finding its way into the phoenix area. now, along with all of this, we watch. look at phoenix. that area has been eliminated now from the watch area. we have a lot of counties involved in it and this is until 8:00 on wednesday, wednesday evening that we're involved. as you might have noticed, phoenix is no longer in the flash-flood watch area enmooing expectations of rain are down a little bit. we'll take a look at the weather
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a judge denies a motion for a temporary restraining order in the congressional race. andy biggs is leading christine jones by anyone -- nine points. a preliminary injunction will be held thursday morning. a new poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton in a dead heat. percentage point in arizona. that poll was conducted between august 9 and september 1. democratic v.p.'s wife will be visiting the valley. tim kaine's wife served as the general secretary of education and will be in phoenix tomorrow to take part in a phone bank at democratic headquarters. the battle betweens jeff flake and donald trump continues today. over the weekend, he said he
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sunday, trump took to twitter calling him an ineffective senator. flake released a statement saying in part hillary clinton thinks she can win arizona. what trump has been willing to do is say terrible things about women, mock the disabled, impugn the character of p.o.w.'s and go after the gold star parents of a fallen u.s. soldier. i am not ok with that. i'm going theee until he changes the tone of his campaign. a feud between neighbors gets out of hand sending one neighbor on a bulldozer rampage. someone shined a light into joe's house. he thought his neighbor was harassing him so he fired a shot into the woods. so in retaliation, he bulldozed joe's house.
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things may be changing on the u. of a. campus. what students may be banned from doing. he helped winslow, arizona, on the map and now winslow is returning the favor by mile per hourizing glenn frey. i.t.t. closing leaving lots of students high and dry. that story is coming up after the break. contact me, you can find me on social media. i posted a picture of the
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the valley mourning the loss of brian faber ... owner the valley mourning the the valley mourning the loss of brine -- brian faber. his record stores are located throughout the valley, tucson, and las vegas. a huge blow tonight for students enrolled in i.t.t. technical institute. the school has closed its campuses all across the country
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fox 10's ty brennan has the story. >> reporter: the sign here at this i.t.t. technical institute location says they are going to be closed for the labor day holiday but a major announcement coming today. they are not going to reopen any of their locations leaving lots of students here in the valley concerned about what will happen next. >> no one is here. >> reporter: this current student who did not want us to identify him came to the to try to get answers. >> i got an e-mail saying there is some type of situation going on. reporter: the e-mail stating that the college, which has 130 campuses across the nation, including three in phoenix was banned by the federal department of education from enrolling students who use federal aid. it is eliminating the positions of most of its 8,000 employees.
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man, no more school because everything is starting -- the new quarter starts september 12, next week. they said those classes have been suspended. the first thing i started thinking was what am i going to do for school? >> reporter: more students left with more questions than answers. >> i don't know what to do about my transcripts or anything. i don't know how that will affect me going to another school. i want to continue school. they will be releasing transcript toss the students and helping them find other schools. we placed all of this information on our website at ty brennan, fox 10 news. university of arizona students may soon no longer be able to use e-cigarette on campus. the proposed ban is based on research showing that electronic cigarettes are more harmful than once believed.
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with tobacco but changed its mind when students and staff members complained. they are taking feedback on that proposal through october. a plea deal is struck but the man who admitted killing
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comedian bill cosby in comedian bill cosby is in court today. he is charged with drugging and molesting andrea constand 2004. prosecutors told the court, they hope to have 14 women who claim cosby testify. a judge will rule on that motion when that case goes to trial no later than june 5. cosby denies sexually assaulting constand. a plea deal calls for no charges in the boy's death.
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he is the confessed murderer. >> reporter: he was just 11 years old when he was kidnapped while riding his bike in 1989. last week, he led police to jacob's body. he admitted in federal court to kidnapping, sexually assaulting, and shooting jacob. >> i want to say jacob, i'm so sorry. it is incredibly painful to know his last days, last hours, last >> reporter: as part of the plea deal, he pled guilty to a child pornography charge and will face 20 years in prison. we are hearing from a family of a glendale man who disappeared while on lake pleasant over the weekend. maricopa county lake patrol is still searching for chintan shah. he was swimming with friends but never resurfaced.
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marathoner and is waiting for answers. >> they have robots and sonars are going under water and they have identified six spots where they have taken images and reviewing the images. they are hoping the images will get them closer to where they need to be. >> if you have any information on chintan's disappearance, you are asked to call the maricopa county sheriff's >> reporter: well, a hurricane south of us pushing moisture up in our direction. how much will the valley get? we'll take a look coming up. to prove how authentic my new brewhouse bacon burger is i'm going undercover, at an actual brewhouse. it's awesome. amazing! what if i told you, you are eating a jack's brewhouse bacon burger from jack in the box. not this one. absolutely lying.
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well, are you ready for some hockey? the gila river arena is.
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it took 10,000 gallons of water to get the arena ready for hockey season. the home opener is october 15 against the philadelphia flyers. dave, keeping an eye on hurricane newton affecting arizona a little bit tonight. >> reporter: it is pushing moisture into the southern portion of the state. i think a lot of this moisture is going to be in the southern portion and the eastern portion of the we may get a little bit up here but we'll see how much it pushes way up north into phoenix. it is 90 degrees right now. we have winds out of the west at 13 miles an hour. we have 89 degrees at deer valley. 89 in surprise. 91 in goodyear. 86 in apache junction. in mesa, it is 90 degrees. you can see the moisture we're talking about as it comes up north. some is coming straight up. as you can see, most of it is
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and get an easterly direction to it. as we put the map into motion, you can see it rapidly coming up here moving the moisture in and moving the moisture out. it should hit around 11:00 in the morning coming in on the southern boarder. this is how things are going to look according to the futurecast. you can see the moisture coming in. look at how it is off to the east. a little shot for the not a lot for the futurecast is not showing a lot of moisture in here. here is another look at the moisture and you can see it rolling in. once again, we will give you a look from the southern portion of it and back up with a lot of it down there. we certainly expect to get some in phoenix but you can see they have taken phoenix out of the
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in effect until tomorrow evening at 8:00. a lot of counties involved in that. 101 degrees is where we wept today. 99 in glendale. 100 in chandler. 73 in flagstaff. 102 in down in gila bend. this is what it looked like in the valley. 101 on the high. 78 on the low. record high, 111. record low at 63. 90 degrees for everybody. there are 80's and mid 90's in the forecast as well. a little bit of action here. you can see from the moisture coming from norman, no more advisories on this low pressure system. it used to be hurricane hermine. we look at temperatures up by boston at 66 degrees on the day
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hanging around. 86 degrees overnight. 90 degrees for tomorrow. as we move into the weekend, we are going to pick it up a little bit but back off next week. watch your kids around water. >> the corner park in winslow, arizona, many people believe the statue looks like jackson brown but soon glenn frey's likeness will be standing on the corner as well. ? >> the late glenn frey co-wrote the eagles hit with jackson brown. on september 23 at noon, a bronze statue of frey will be installed. it kicks off the annual standing on the corner festival. have you been to wince? >> reporter: on the way to ohio thought about that song. what a legendary song writer.
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winslow. bill belichick, nobody can argue with his success. how do you prepare for the always colorful and unpredictable new england
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[loud kids and dog] hello, jimmy john's! jimmy john's! jimmy john's! freaky fresh delivery. >> reporter: you can bring up spy gate or question what bill belichick is willing to do to
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can deny his football teams are almost all very well prepared and unpredictable. sunday, the cardinals will face the patriots. remember when they threw out the unusual formations against baltimore? that wasn't forgotten by coach harbaugh for sure. no tom brady, we know that. it is going to be jimmy garoppolo. so many different weapons. you have gronk, martellus danny emdoe la and a defense that is not highly touted but very effective. when you talk to the players and coaches, they say you have to plan for the unexpected when it comes to this guy. here is carson palmer. >> there is a reason why he is so well respected. he is that good of a coach and he haas all of the respect you can ask for our team.
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is the first game and there will be a lot of new things. you try to prepare for everything, you never can. >> reporter: for the sun devils, they have a date with texas tech saturday night. manny wilkins first game, not bad. he was able to use the run game and the likes of kevin b, lage. he ran the ball for 89 yards. when you come away wit it is your first hurdle. here is todd graham on manny wilkins. >> i think for his first game, he learned a lot and i think he did a solid job. some of the things i was the most impressed with him was his poise. >> reporter: well, poise
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this summer. it has been a rough, rough year. a.j. pollock returning after the injury that put him out. shelby miller was pitching well against reno but tonight against the dodgers, it did not happen. he gave up 11 hits over four and a third innings. d-back the dodgers stadium in three years. dodgers win again. sports night after dark in a few minutes. it is these guys favorite show. jump in. >> reporter: call in and talk about the diamondbacks.
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